Monday, March 19, 2007

Mattress Magic!!

The kids came up with a couple of fun uses for a mattress. The first usage I don't have a pic of, because I was too much in shock. The mattess was leaning against the wall by the stairs, upright. Clara took shoelaces and tied them together to make a rock climbing harness and tied to to the staircase. Then, she proceeded to climb the mattress much like a rock wall. No one was hurt!! But I stopped it pretty quickly.

The second usage was a slide. Elijah and Noah thought this was really cool. The girls found out it worked better with sleeping bags. (Thank goodness they didn't slide down the stairs in the sleeping bag this time...our friends Dane and Brian introduced my girls to that a couple of years ago. We have been intentionally NOT letting boys learn that trick).

Spring break was fun!! I'm glad it's over, though.


kkoois said...

your kids sure know how to have fun! i'm sending elise over to your house next year for spring break. you won't even notice one more kid...

Amber said...

oh the things i have to look forward to! yay, i'm excited to read you 7 days in a row.