Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The twelve days of sickness

The Smith's are on day twelve of sickness. I guess that's what happens when you have more than 1.8 children. Maybe I could write a song "The Twelve Days of Sickness". On the first day of sickness my true love gave to me a fever of 103. On the second day of sickness my true love gave to me two trips to Wal Greens. On the third day of sickness my true love gave to me three wakenings in the night. On the fourth day of sickness my true love gave to me four snuggles in my lap . On the fifth day of sickness my true love gave to me five "great big whines". Okay, so I won't go through all twelve days, because I DO NOT really want to re-live them. Maybe I could conclude...On the twelth day of sickness my TRUE LOVE gave to me twelve doses of patience. God has been a source of strength, comfort and help in the middle of all this sickness.

It really is a beautiful day today and while one child was sick on the couch, two were PLEASED to play in the yard. By the IS the official day my boys became BOYS. They woke up LOUD. They spent the morning wrestling. They played chase at Bible Study. They fought over a ball. They played with dump trucks. Elijah concluded his time outside (unwillingly I might add) because I told him not to throw dirt at his brother and he did not agree. He disobeys and smiles about it....We are in Big Trouble with that one!!

I am counting down the days to the weekend away I have planned with some friends. We are headed to a lake house in Arkansas...thank you to all our husbands, parents and children who are letting us go play. There is no telling what havoc we will wreak.


Amber said...

i feel your pain! i pray you will all be well soon!

kkoois said...

ha! great song! i think you should go ahead and write the rest of it. although, i do think the line for day 5 does not apply only for sickness. i know i seem to experience the day 5 "gift" almost every day in my household...

hope that you are all feeling better soon!