Friday, March 16, 2007

My Insanity!!

Now I'll share my insane moment last Saturday while Hannah was sleeping off her lock-in. My friend Michelle and I decided to go to a consignment sale early Saturday morning. For me there was really not that much there, so I suggested we go to Goodwill. The day before I had bought a $48 pair of jeans at the mall that rang up $3.99. Yes, I did a happy dance. Anyway I was in the mood for BARGAINS. So we went to the Bargain Barn of Goodwill. The Bargain Barn is where they clean out the stuff from Goodwill.

The Bargain Barn is a subculture that I really had not fully experienced. You walk in the door and everything is piled together in bins. Well the clothes are in different bins, but they are all mixed together men's, women's, children's, winter, get the point. Pretty much you have to dig through stuff and I mean dig. So, me and Michelle began our quest for the perfect treasures. I noticed a crowd gathered at one bin..and by a crowd, I mean an absolute frenzy. I asked my friend what that was all about and she explained that it was a new bin that was just brought out with new stuff (well it was still old junk). So, I ambled over to check it out. As I was leisurely looking through the stuff, one lady kept butting in front of me. I really thought she would knock me down. I'm thinking...this is junk for crying out loud.

The insanity is that we spent THREE HOURS digging through this junk. It was so much fun and quite addicting I might add. Let me share my treasures...I got 26 articles of clothing, 15 books, two picture frames, four bowls, 1 messenger backpack, 2 purses, and 1 set of dinosaur toys (Noah loves them). The grand total? $25.00!!! It was truly insane, but what is more insane is that I might just do it again sometime!!


kkoois said...

i concur. insane. not sure that's an outing i will ever want to join you on. but, you have fun...

Amber said...

oooh, sounds like my kinda fun. not the kind of fun you want to do all the time, but worth it when you're in the mood to dig