Friday, March 09, 2007

It's a Lifestyle!!

Okay, so here's the day to be honest. I'm really tired of all this healthy eating, exercising and such. It's quite frankly for the birds. It has been almost one year since I "began" the quest to be healthy. There have been days/weeks of victory and days/weeks of defeat. This week I went to the gym and realized when I left that I should have just stayed home!! My mind was preoccupied and really I did not want to lift a single weight. However, I got an "E" for effort that day.
However, I am thankful for motivation that comes from friends to keep on keeping on. My friend Renee is a great source of motivation. Who knew our conversations would be about what rate we ran on the treadmill, what incline we use, etc. A year ago that was greek to me. Also, this morning another friend Amber gave me motivation as I read her blog. Neither of these ladies live in the same town as I do, but they are on my "get your butt in gear team". My neighbor and friend Susan is part of my local "get your butt in gear team". I'm really proud of her. She began the quest with me and she recently ran her fastest mile....pretty cool. She also ran her first 5K this year. She motivates me and challenges me.
One of my greatest motivators are my children and they don't even really know it. They don't ever say "Did you work out today?". They don't ever even talk about eating healthy or exercising. Well, Clara does because she is reading the complete guide to soccer and the chapter on eating has really interested her. Really, when I am on the treadmill and about to give up, I think about Clara. She kicks some royal tail on the soccer field. She runs fast and does it for a long time. If my eight year old can press in , so can I. My children motivate me because I want to play with them in the days and years to come.
What I realize in all my musings is that without motivation I would still be sitting on the couch eating bon bons. Also, relationships are so important in this process. So, today I resolve anew to continue my quest for physical health.
The truth is my quest to be healthy involves more than just the physical. "1 Timothy 4:8--For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things holding promise for both the present life and for the life to come. My greatest Motivator is the one who created me. My desire is to be all He created me to be. It is for Him and His glory.
Okay, so I'm done whining now..I'm going to the gym!!


Amber said...

thanks for this post, it helped give me a renewed strength. some days it's so easy to feel defeated! God has been teaching me a lot about being healthy and revealing that it was a part of my life i wasn't giving over to him. i was totally choosing to be undisciplined. i'm thankful i have someone else on the same journey! once again, thanks for a new kick in the pants.

kkoois said...

mmm...bon bons...

Jenny said...

Thanks for posting on my blog the other great to hear from you and to see what's been going on with you guys on your blog. Your kids are beautiful....I cannot believe how grown-up the girls have gotten. I'll be praying for your journey to pursue the Lord as your "personal trainer" both in regard to your physical and your spiritual well-being.