Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve....the Christmas Eve Eve party spilled over into Christmas Eve since a few of the girls friends spent the night. They really did have so much fun!! As a mom, my prayer is that my children have fond, warm memories of childhood.

David and I spent the morning going to the grocery story (it really wasn't so bad and was made so much better since my hunky, handsome husband was there to help!!). He, of course hadn't finished his Christmas shopping, so once he dropped me off, he headed out into the fray. While he was fighting the crowds, I was drinking coffee by the fire and reading a book. I had such a relaxing day...a rainy day is sleep-inducing. The truth is I almost slept through the Christmas Eve service. In some ways I wish I had....I'll save that story for another post!!

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susan said...

whatever you were making had to be good with all of the sugar and butter pictured