Friday, December 18, 2009

Fourth Day Favorite!!

We did it today!! We completed Christmas event for the day. Today is the fourth day of Christmas. The hidden meaning behind the carol for the fourth day is teaching about the four gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

In honor of these amazing stories, these biographies of Christ, we read four Christmas stories. As a family we piled into the master bedroom to read four Christmas books.

Fun!! My favorite part of today!! Here are some other favorites from today...the fourth day of Christmas at the Smith household
  • The basket of oranges at work filled with oranges and Lindor Chocolate (who am I kidding I didn't eat any oranges, just a couple of my favorite chocolate.) Thanks Susan!!!!
  • Favorite food fajitas... for lunch from La Guadalapana
  • Watching all the eager parents excited about coming to see their children's preschool Christmas program
  • Watching the little girl in front of Elijah's bow during the Christmas program knowing that his cute, mute little face was behind it
  • Leaving work knowing that I have two weeks to play with my family!!
  • Going to the seniors banquet at church where my two middle school daughters were serving food. One of favorite moment of the banquet was looking around the room as we were singing Christmas carols. These wonderful people love their Jesus and their church.

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