Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Adventure..

Well let's face it, I am a city girl. It bothers me a bit that my girls are so enthralled with country music. It bothers me that they want camoflauge jackets (I can't even figure out how to spell it and I don't feel like looking it up). So, for all of you out there who are countryfied and hunters, please do not be offended by this post. I'm just keeping it real!!

The Smith's embarked on a great adventure today. We had tacos...made with venison. And I have a small confession to make. I didn't tell my kids it was bambi. I just couldn't. I kept it a secret. I was afraid if they knew it was deer they wouldn't eat it. The picture above was taken in our back yard last week. Deer are very dear to my children.

Hannah did know and kept commenting that it wasn't so bad. I made "be quiet" (translated shut up) eyes at her and she finally kept her mouth quiet. She came close to spilling the beans. Noah said they were the BEST tacos he ever had.

I have another confession to make....bambi tasted yummy!!

And, I must say a huge shout out to Matt for sharing his bounty with us and providing us a very low cost meal!! Actually it will make us two meals. The leftovers are now taco soup cooking in a pot.

Breakfast: Toast, Cheese, Eggs, Fried Potatoes
Lunch: Pimento cheese and hot dogs
Dinner: Tacos....usually we have lettuce or tomato with our tacos but we didn't have any so we did without. They were just fine!!


The Felkins said...

We love bambi burgers, tacos, name it, we like it! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you VERY, VERY soon!

Big D said...

I just had to put my two cents worth in for this one. Diane is a city girl. I am a country boy. I'm kind of liking that my kids like country music. Especially considering some of the alternatives. There are other advantages to being country girls too. And regarding the venison, it's very nice to eat something natural without all of the chemicals that are pumped in. I'm just tickled that my "city girl" wife is willing to tackle the venison in the kitchen...