Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This morning I'm pondering if I am putting too much information on this blog...especially in this eat from your pantry challenge....i.e., who really cares what we eat? I really don't even care!!

However, as I was thinking about it I realized that it gives me accountability so that I do not only feed my kids Ramen Noodle and dry cereal in an effort to eat from the pantry and eat cheap. Of course that takes me back to the countless numbers of people in the world who eat the same thing every day.

And, it will help me to remember how to plan meals that are creative and cheap. Let's face it, I am a girl who has grown up to eat what she wants when she wants it. If I don't have it in my house I can go out to eat it. If I crave it, I go get it. I never really learned delayed gratification. I never had to cut the head off a chicken and pluck the feathers off to eat it (Lord knows that I really NEVER want to do that). I've never grown my own food (aside from a few tomatoes, peppers and herbs). I've really never had to do without!!

Maybe we should interview loved ones who lived through the WW II. They lived with rationing. They lived in a time when choices were limited. They have much to teach us.

Maybe we should serve at at soup kitchen to see people in our own city who do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Maybe, just maybe we should forego that fancy vacation this year and travel to a third world country to see, truly see for our own eyes how other people live.

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