Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree!!!

So this morning I hatched this scheme to make Christmas exciting around here. My last blog post talked about how we are going to celebrate Christmas in 2009. Well today is the first day of Christmas for the Smith's.

We decided that to kick off the celebration, we would decorate our Christmas tree. Step one...go purchase a Christmas tree. We have an artificial tree that is being relegated to the upstairs this year. Most of the needles have fallen off and it is beginning to look more like twiggy tree. As the tree picker outers were getting their coats on, the doorbell rang.

Lo and behold it was a package from my mother. She sent the kids a package with a bag filled with wrapped goodies for the kids to open. Her instructions were clear. Reach into the bag and pick out your gift. We followed the instructions. All the kids picked out their gifts. And, one by one they opened them.

Here's the irony...they all picked out the same gift.


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