Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elijah's World

This is a conversation that just happened...

I am the king.

Daddy: Who made you king?

Elijah: God did

Daddy: When?

Elijah: About a year ago.

Daddy: Who are you king of?

Elijah: The knights. I have six knights.

Daddy: Who am I?

Elijah: One of my knights.

Mom: Who am I?

Elijah: No one. You are dead. A bad guy killed you. You didn't have a weapon.

Daddy: Where's your castle?

Elijah: I'm in it. There are two castles. There's a castle next door. It's the Knight's castle (our neighbors name happens to be Knight). Lucas (their youngest son) is the King of the Knights castle. We fight bad guys together.