Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Food

The past two days we celebrated the New Year with friends. On New Year's Eve we hosted a little party or better stated we hosted "four" parties within a party.

grown-ups (many who played a mean game of Settlers)
teenagers (there were actually boys here. I'm not ready for that)
gaggle of girls (giggling and games)
young boys (sword fighting and running around trying to bother the girls)

It was a great day!! The guests brought food, so we had a wide assortment of finger food. The good news for my kids was Jennifer left a huge bag of nacho chips and "bowling alley cheese". So the kids had their junk food fix on New Year's Day. The good news for me is Jennifer also left a bag of veggies...loving some fresh veggies!! On New Year's Day we seriously slept in and then later in the afternoon went to a friends house to watch football.

New Year's Eve
breakfast: cold cereal
lunch: chicken noodle soup
dinner: grown-ups went out to dinner with friends, kids had a snack dinner

New Year's Day
breakfast: waffles
lunch: summer sausage, cheese and crackers
snack: chips and cheese
dinner: yummy food at our friend Gina's

We still have not bought any food at the grocery store. We bought drinks and paper products for our party, but that doesn't come from my $50 or we would be in real trouble!!

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