Saturday, January 02, 2010

365 Project - January 1

My friend Jill has challenged me to take a picture a day this year. Jill loves taking pictures and even created a special blog for her project . I'm not going that far...I can't even figure out how to make THIS blog look better, much less create another blog.

But, I'm going along with this project because it connects me to Jill. You see Jill is one of my BEST friends. Which causes me to digress a little. The term BEST friend has always caused conflict within my soul, even when I was a teenage girl. God has seen fit to bless me with many BEST friends. It seems that maybe a different adjective might work better. Because BEST means...surpassing all others in excellence, quality or achievement. As I have grown older, my life has been enriched through many amzing friendships. Jill is one of my dearest, lifelong friends. She was my maid of honor in my wedding. We only spent three years in college together. Then, I got married and we have NEVER lived in the same state. The last seven years we haven't lived on the same continent, but she is truly like a sister to me!!!

So, here is one of the first pictures I took this new year, this new decade. It's a picture of three beautiful young ladies. They each have much to offer the world. They are all unique. They all love Jesus. My prayer for them is that in this decade they would experience the fullness of God, the richness of deep friendships, the development of keen minds, fufillment in pursuing their calling and even, maybe even by the end of this decade the beauty of love. This picture makes me smile!!!
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Jill Willeke said...

I think that it will be fun! One of my "dreams" a new fun word for goals, is to talk with you more this year -- it was under the psychological and emotional section :). We will have a wonderful journey together! Love you.

Tonya said...

You know, the neat thing about you is your ability to open your heart and your life to so many people. For that all of us are blessed to count you among our friend and a blessing in our lives.. your photo of the girls is beautiful. If your Miss Hannah knows the Lord, it is because of the shining example shown to her by her mother.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

A sweet picture of and sweet words about three great girls.