Saturday, January 02, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

Recently we decided (aka I decided) that we were going to implement a new plan in the Smith household. This new plan comes from my unwillingness to continue to be the wicked witch of the west when it comes to the kitchen. It's seems I am always nagging some nebulous someone to clean the kitchen.

So, the plan is that my two oldest children and my husband will take turns being responsible to ensure the kitchen is clean. They will rotate weeks. Everyone in the family is responsible to bring their dishes to the sink and load then in the dishwasher if available. But the person on KP is responsible to make sure all the extra dishes are washed, the counters are cleaned and the floor is swept. The person on KP also assists in meal prep.

Hannah drew the short straw. She was responsible for the first week. I must say that it has been GREAT this week. She has done an amazing job keeping the kitchen clean. She did make a fascinating discovery.

Hannah has a love/hate relationship with Barbecue Nachos!!!

She loves to eat them, but she had never really cleaned up after cooking them.

Now, she hates cleaning up after Barbecue Nachos.

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