Sunday, January 24, 2010


This afternoon I woke up from my nap and walked outside to take this shot. The clouds were so pretty and the sky so blue!!! It almost, if you close your eyes just right, looks like I have a mountain behind my house. My friend Jill who challenged me to take a picture a day for 2010 has been posting beautiful pictures on her blog, pictures of majestic mountains that she sees out her window. Alas, my "mountain" is made of clouds, but it is beautiful nevertheless!!

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Sarah said...

I'm not a blogger and I'm not on face book. I rarely have time to check my email but somehow I got to your blog tonight as I procastinate in all the things I have to do BUT I'm so glad I did. I MISS THE SMITHS!!!!! I truly feel like I just sat in your sunroom sipping on some yummy coffee (u make the best!!)listening to your heart. Wow! You challenge me and encourage me to know Jesus more. I love ya!!!
Sarah Pelphrey