Saturday, January 23, 2010


While we were in Georgia, spending time with David's mom and brother, my kids were OVERWHELMED by Mike (David's brother's) 43" computer monitor. They LOVED watching a movie and doing school on Uncle Mike's computer.

Turns out that Mike had a extra 23" monitor sitting in a box, never opened and simply gave it to us. WOW!! It is great because now we can use our old 15" monitor on another computer whose monitor doesn't work.

Yes, this seems like pure indulgence to me...but it was FREE!! And, now that all four kids have computer work for school three computers are quite helpful!!!

Also, we watch TV on our this picture is mine and David's date night...The premier of 24!!!! And, we were so giddy that rather than having to wait a week, we only had to wait a day.

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