Saturday, January 09, 2010


We had a fun educational evening with a few other families. My friend Cheryl came up with a great history project. Each child was given a list of characters from the Night at the Museum 2. They were to research each character and find out a little about them. It worked out so well. The Taylor boys did a timeline. The Hagen girls wrote interesting facts. Ashlan found out where each person was from. Clara created a power point presentation complete with visuals and sound effects (I don't even know how to do that).

We talked about each character (I learned a few things myself).
And then, we watched the movie.

It was really a pick-me-up for Ellie (in the light blue shirt with crutches) who was released from the hospital the day before.

Homeschoolers are serious snow days, no sick days (you can read while lying in bed)...not even surgery will get you out of learning.

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