Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eat from pantry challenges

Yesterday was our first day back at the brick and mortar school where we go two days a week (I actually work there, Elijah goes to his preschool class. The rest of the kids go to a homeschool class where they work on hands on projects in science, history and art).

Leaving the house presented our first real challenge of eating from the pantry. I didn't have many things to pack for lunch and I didn't have any baggies to pack food in. So, I just started pulling things from the freezer...taco soup for the girls and gumbo for me. Rather than packing five individual lunches I just put it all together in one bag.

Luckily for Noah and Elijah I had bought some lunch meat at the store. They don't really dig soup unless it is Ramen Noodle or Chicken Noodle soup from a can. In his mind homemade soup is yucky!! And, I still had a few chips from the largest bag of chips I had seen in my life that Jennifer left here New Year's Eve. (They are now gone!!)

I did spend my first money on Monday 1/4/10 - $9.65 (milk, sugar, lunchmeat, and chunk cheese). $40.35 left for the month!!

breakfast: pancakes
lunch: for the life of me I can't remember what we ate!!
snack: homemade Honey Wheat bread
dinner: chicken fajitas (Pulled a bag of meat that had already been grilled and sliced and a bag of peppers that had been sliced from the freezer)

breakfast: leftover pancakes
lunch: soup and turkey
dinner: beef stir fry and edamame

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