Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't Pay The Ransom...I Escaped!!


Wow, can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Time does indeed fly. I suppose being kidnapped is the only excuse that would be acceptable, but I guess I'd better be honest...sometimes life just gets in the way of good intentions.

This will be a brief post just to get me back into the swing...a brief update on the permanent residents of Chateau Smith (aka Hotel Smith in Memphis).

Work before Christmas was NUTS!! I was finally able to breathe a little bit on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day we loaded up and headed to Georgia for a week. Saw Diane's folks (surprised them...a day early...not sure we'll do that again), my folks, and two of my brothers and their families. Spent New Year's Eve Eve with dear friends Terry and Renee Wright and family. Spent New Year's Eve with dear friends Scott and Susan Barber and family. Drove back to Memphis on January 1.

Our drive back was somewhat more crowded than normal. We brought someone else with us. Diane's best friend from college, who, with her husband and son are missionaries in Ivanavo, Russia (about a four-hour drive north of Moscow), were home for a break. Jill came back to Memphis with us and spent a few days visiting.

I spent a fair amount of time watching college football over the holidays. I'm still a DAWG fan, even though our showing in the Sugar Bowl was less than ideal.

Then back to work...and it got nuts again.

Diane has now started her second part-time job. More on that later, but to say the least it's somewhat busy around the house.

Hannah finished up her first season of basketball prior to Christmas. She was the proud recipient of a keyboard at Christmas and is now taking piano lessons weekly from a friend here in town, Ari Gilger.

Clara is now taking gymnastics weekly and is flipping all around the house.

Noah is still cute...well, cuter each day than the day before.

Elijah has just in the past day or two started walking. Yes, that adds to the crazy fun.

We think our search for a new church home is over and seem to be settling in at New Hope Christian Church. Funny small-world story there, but I'll share it later...

And finally, I'm starting an informal search for a new job, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

More later...lots going on...but I just wanted to say "I'M STILL ALIVE!!!"

Big D.

P.S. Thanks for leading the missing persons search, Philio....