Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Thoughts!!

These are the total random thoughts swirling around in my head.
  • I now understand why my parent's sent me to visit my grandparents for two weeks in the summer. (They only had one child I have four...does that mean I should send my children away for eight weeks?)
  • My youngest son looks like a little boy today.
  • My oldest daughter looks like she is ready to start college...and she's only twelve, well almost thirteen. That's just WRONG!!
  • My children are growing up right before my eyes. Sometimes I wish I could press the pause button.
  • Why is it when I clean one room, the other rooms in my house get messed up? Which takes me back to my first point?
  • My daughter has transformed her room into a dance party, a gymnastics meet, a castle where a royal ball is taking place...her brothers think she hung the moon!!!
  • Six year old boys in suits are adorable.
  • My husband wore seafoam green scrubs to church yesterday and I admit he looked pretty handsome!!!
  • The pool is the greatest invention in the summer.
  • Vacation seems so far away and then suddenly it is right in front of me.
  • Summer was so much fun when I was kid, I hope my children have fun in the summer.
  • Laundry is never ceasing. If I prayed when I did laundry, then I would be following the Bible's teaching to pray without ceasing.

Speaking of laundry, it's time to put in the next load.