Monday, May 10, 2010

April Posts Complete!!!

Pictures from April are now posted!!!

I realize that it is much easier to do the 365 project on a daily basis rather than by the month. Sometimes life is not ideal and we get behind, but the important thing is to get in there and do the work....even if it takes a while.

It really would be much easier to quit!! Hopefully my kids can learn from my mistakes so that procrastination will not be their close companion for life!!


Hannah's end of year Symphony performance!!


Clara modeling her bathing suit (tags and all) that she got for her birthday. Elijah wanted to put his bathing suit on. The problem is that we may never let Clara leave the house in her bathing suit!!!!!


Happy Birthday Clara!! To celebrate Clara's birthday we went to Pei of our absolute favorite places to eat!! It was a lovely lunch!!


Clara loves to take's a few of my favorites.


Coffee is how I have been surviving the busyness of April 2010!!!


Sonic...a rare treat!!


We went to the soccer field to do math. We learned about measurement. It was a perfect school day for our active five-year old!!

365-106 I couldn't just pick one of these. Hannah is really a normal teenager. These pics display just a few of her faces.


Today was a special day for Noah. He received his yellow belt in Karate. He loves karate!! We are thankful to my aunt and my parents for helping fund Noah's favorite activity!!


My boys sure do love hanging out together!!


While my friend was on her honeymoon, her sweet daughter Emma came to stay with us overnight.


This lovely lady has some gorgeous eyes!!


More wedding pics....My friend's sister decorated the fellowship hall of the church where I work into a truly elegant and beautiful setting. Here are a couple of my favorite areas. The wedding was beautiful...but I didn't take pics because I was too busy making sure that all the guests were seated. It was a pr



Kabobs, kabobs, kabobs....the centerpiece for the reception table kabobs artfully placed in a watermelon. It was stunning...I didn't get pics of the centerpiece, just the preparations.


In a moment of insanity I agreed to coordinate food for a friend's wedding reception. The good news is that lots of people came together and it was beautiful and wonderful. Here is a picture of the LOVELY dishes my friend allowed me to use.


As I was taking a picture of the cross in the woods I just loved this view!!


During the Easter season a church in town gave out wooden crosses and had their members place them in their yard. Noah decided we needed a cross in our yard. So, one night he and David built this cross and it was in our yard until Easter. Noah wanted to put it in our woods. I promise no one is buried there!!


Our little men loving on the ladies!!


Our silver maple...the leaves appeared seemingly overnight!!


A lovely Easter spent with friends!!!


Hosta that was transplanted from my neighbor's yard last year!! I love spring!!


Boys on the back porch!!


Sunset from my back porch!!