Friday, March 23, 2007

Elijah's First Night in a Big Boy Bed!!

We were so excited to move Elijah into a BIG BOY BED!! Here's a picture of him in his big boy bed. Isn't it sweet? What it does not convey is that it took us THREE Hours to get him to go to sleep. There was MUCH weeping and gnashing of teeth. Finally, exhausted, he fell asleep. That was his first night in his big boy bed and his least for now. Noah has been enjoying it in the meantime. I know, I know we are in charge...but we are also tired.
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sports Zone

Our home is sports zone tonight. Noah had his first T-ball practice. David is one of the twelve assistant coaches. He said Noah did a great job!! At the same time, on the other side of town, Clara had a soccer game. This is when one car presents a challenge. But, thanks to Molly's mom, India, we made it to the game and had lots of fun. Although, it was a hard fought game, Clara's team lost 0-1. Hannah spent her night watching the Memphis Tigers play Texas A & M. Go Tigers!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When was the last time I had this much fun?

Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily "resposibilities" that I forget to have fun. This picture of Clara makes me want to play. This weekend I'm going away with several friends to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We are leaving behind the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the poopy butts, the work stresses, etc. We have no set agenda, but we have many plans. Personally, I'm looking forward to some play time with my friends. I'm looking forward to some alone time with my God. To say I'm excited is an understatement. My smile is almost as big as Clara's.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grinding the Coffee!!

It was 5:45 am this morning and I had just stumbled out of bed, dusted the sleep out of my eyes, reached into the cabinet to pull out the coffee grinder, and began to grind the coffee. Then, a little bullet comes running from the bedroom...Noah with eyes still closed in sleep wanted to grind the coffee. (He has this thing where he likes to push the button on the coffee grinder. And, he gets kind of upset when I get up before him and grind the coffee.) So, he pushes the button on the coffee grinder and goes back to bed.

I thought it was a little bizzare. Then, his enthusiasm for grinding that coffee made me ask myself the question. What in my life causes me to leap out of bed and go running? Lately, not much. My desire is that I would approach my time with God in that way. So, I have been challenged by a five-year old who just can't miss the excitement of grinding coffee.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mattress Magic!!

The kids came up with a couple of fun uses for a mattress. The first usage I don't have a pic of, because I was too much in shock. The mattess was leaning against the wall by the stairs, upright. Clara took shoelaces and tied them together to make a rock climbing harness and tied to to the staircase. Then, she proceeded to climb the mattress much like a rock wall. No one was hurt!! But I stopped it pretty quickly.

The second usage was a slide. Elijah and Noah thought this was really cool. The girls found out it worked better with sleeping bags. (Thank goodness they didn't slide down the stairs in the sleeping bag this time...our friends Dane and Brian introduced my girls to that a couple of years ago. We have been intentionally NOT letting boys learn that trick).

Spring break was fun!! I'm glad it's over, though.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Having Fun in the Sun!!!

Clara had fun with her friend Reagan during Spring Break. These two girls are just alike. You would not believe what they come up with together. While the girls were playing in the sprinkler, I went to lunch with some friends and left David "in charge". When I get home, I noticed what looked like a MUD PIT in the back yard. I decided to investigate. Much to my chagrin, I rounded the corner and peered onto the back porch. There were four girls (Hannah and Clara, Reagan and her little sister Ellie) COVERED in mud. They had mud from head to toe. David, my laid back man, said "they were having fun".
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Challenge!!

My friend Kim has issued a challenge to post for seven straight days and I decided to jump in with both feet. I figured it would be good for me to get into the habit. Plus, there are many pics to share. We've had a good week in our house and have been quite productive. Actually, my husband has been the most productive!!! He was off all week long. And, while his list of things he wanted to complete, didn't get finished (it was a mile long), he did get so much done. My job all week was to keep the boys out of the way. Two days it was easy...I took them to school while I worked.
His first project was to paint Hannah's room. She helped paint one wall and had so much fun hanging out with her daddy late at night being productive. Her room looks so nice. It is such a Hannah color. She loves blue and all of the sudden lime green.
We have one project in her room that is still in process. Her granddaddy built a desk while in High School shop and he recently put a new top on it, spiffyed it up and brought it to her. The desk was primed and ready to paint. This is an heirloom piece and I didn't want to ruin it with my lack of skills. So, yesterday I took the desk to my friend Chantel ( and she is going to refinish the desk with an artist's touch. I am so excited to see the finished product. I'll post a pic when it's done.

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Insanity!!

Now I'll share my insane moment last Saturday while Hannah was sleeping off her lock-in. My friend Michelle and I decided to go to a consignment sale early Saturday morning. For me there was really not that much there, so I suggested we go to Goodwill. The day before I had bought a $48 pair of jeans at the mall that rang up $3.99. Yes, I did a happy dance. Anyway I was in the mood for BARGAINS. So we went to the Bargain Barn of Goodwill. The Bargain Barn is where they clean out the stuff from Goodwill.

The Bargain Barn is a subculture that I really had not fully experienced. You walk in the door and everything is piled together in bins. Well the clothes are in different bins, but they are all mixed together men's, women's, children's, winter, get the point. Pretty much you have to dig through stuff and I mean dig. So, me and Michelle began our quest for the perfect treasures. I noticed a crowd gathered at one bin..and by a crowd, I mean an absolute frenzy. I asked my friend what that was all about and she explained that it was a new bin that was just brought out with new stuff (well it was still old junk). So, I ambled over to check it out. As I was leisurely looking through the stuff, one lady kept butting in front of me. I really thought she would knock me down. I'm thinking...this is junk for crying out loud.

The insanity is that we spent THREE HOURS digging through this junk. It was so much fun and quite addicting I might add. Let me share my treasures...I got 26 articles of clothing, 15 books, two picture frames, four bowls, 1 messenger backpack, 2 purses, and 1 set of dinosaur toys (Noah loves them). The grand total? $25.00!!! It was truly insane, but what is more insane is that I might just do it again sometime!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hannah's 1st Lock-in

Hannah attended her first lock-in last week at the church. Her basketball team from church had loads of fun and stayed up until 5:45 am. After breakfast, they came home and Hannah promptly fell asleep on the couch where she slept until 4:00 pm. The roof could have collapsed. Personally, I'm approaching 40 and I think lock-ins are for the slightly insane. For those of you who might be wondering if I chaperoned...the answer is NO. This SANE 39 year-old woman slept in her nice comfortable bed!!! Then, I got up and did an incredibly insane thing, but I'll save that for another post.
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I noticed something interesting today. When I mention the word cleaning all of my children seem to disappear. They literally scatter like a dandelion in the wind. Actually, now I have a good tactic when I want alone time. All I have to say is hey guys, let's get some cleaning done. Then, I could sit down an read a magazine. It's a plan!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's a Lifestyle!!

Okay, so here's the day to be honest. I'm really tired of all this healthy eating, exercising and such. It's quite frankly for the birds. It has been almost one year since I "began" the quest to be healthy. There have been days/weeks of victory and days/weeks of defeat. This week I went to the gym and realized when I left that I should have just stayed home!! My mind was preoccupied and really I did not want to lift a single weight. However, I got an "E" for effort that day.
However, I am thankful for motivation that comes from friends to keep on keeping on. My friend Renee is a great source of motivation. Who knew our conversations would be about what rate we ran on the treadmill, what incline we use, etc. A year ago that was greek to me. Also, this morning another friend Amber gave me motivation as I read her blog. Neither of these ladies live in the same town as I do, but they are on my "get your butt in gear team". My neighbor and friend Susan is part of my local "get your butt in gear team". I'm really proud of her. She began the quest with me and she recently ran her fastest mile....pretty cool. She also ran her first 5K this year. She motivates me and challenges me.
One of my greatest motivators are my children and they don't even really know it. They don't ever say "Did you work out today?". They don't ever even talk about eating healthy or exercising. Well, Clara does because she is reading the complete guide to soccer and the chapter on eating has really interested her. Really, when I am on the treadmill and about to give up, I think about Clara. She kicks some royal tail on the soccer field. She runs fast and does it for a long time. If my eight year old can press in , so can I. My children motivate me because I want to play with them in the days and years to come.
What I realize in all my musings is that without motivation I would still be sitting on the couch eating bon bons. Also, relationships are so important in this process. So, today I resolve anew to continue my quest for physical health.
The truth is my quest to be healthy involves more than just the physical. "1 Timothy 4:8--For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things holding promise for both the present life and for the life to come. My greatest Motivator is the one who created me. My desire is to be all He created me to be. It is for Him and His glory.
Okay, so I'm done whining now..I'm going to the gym!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The twelve days of sickness

The Smith's are on day twelve of sickness. I guess that's what happens when you have more than 1.8 children. Maybe I could write a song "The Twelve Days of Sickness". On the first day of sickness my true love gave to me a fever of 103. On the second day of sickness my true love gave to me two trips to Wal Greens. On the third day of sickness my true love gave to me three wakenings in the night. On the fourth day of sickness my true love gave to me four snuggles in my lap . On the fifth day of sickness my true love gave to me five "great big whines". Okay, so I won't go through all twelve days, because I DO NOT really want to re-live them. Maybe I could conclude...On the twelth day of sickness my TRUE LOVE gave to me twelve doses of patience. God has been a source of strength, comfort and help in the middle of all this sickness.

It really is a beautiful day today and while one child was sick on the couch, two were PLEASED to play in the yard. By the IS the official day my boys became BOYS. They woke up LOUD. They spent the morning wrestling. They played chase at Bible Study. They fought over a ball. They played with dump trucks. Elijah concluded his time outside (unwillingly I might add) because I told him not to throw dirt at his brother and he did not agree. He disobeys and smiles about it....We are in Big Trouble with that one!!

I am counting down the days to the weekend away I have planned with some friends. We are headed to a lake house in Arkansas...thank you to all our husbands, parents and children who are letting us go play. There is no telling what havoc we will wreak.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Not So Full of Life Today!!

Clara is not so full of life today. She has a fever and is down for the count. She is the last child to get this particular illness. Unfortunately she has to miss her soccer game tonight. I also have a fever, but my temperature is normal. I have SPRING FEVER!!! The outside is calling my name. We hope to have some decent weather for spring break next week. Today I'm disinfecting our whole house!!
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I love this Pic!

This picture was taken by my friend Jill. who lives in Russia. She visited this fall and the "girls" went away for a couple of days. This pic captures Clara's personality to a T. She is full of life.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Elijah Lands The Big Fish!

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Sidebar Updates

Just in case anyone is wondering, the answer is no. It doesn't take us THAT long to read books....and we don't listen to the same music day after day after day. We simply hadn't updated the sidebar in a while to show what's current at Chateau Smith. We'll make a better effort to do a bit more of that. For now, we'd recommend Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster as a good read and the Facing the Giants: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as an excellent addition to your music library! Enjoy...