Friday, August 31, 2007

Haiku - Hannah

This week in school we have been writing Haiku's. Here's Hannah's:

Summer Evening

Plane ride brings great joy.
Sun sets and twilight arrives.
Mountains granduer rise.

Haiku - Diane

Autumn Morning
Trees ablaze with color.
Crisp air blows gently on skin.
Coffee warms my soul.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Week In Review!!!

Oh what a busy week it has been
David traveled to Georgia and then back again.
Noah started Kindergarten and had lots of fun
and the same day kicked off soccer and began to RUN.

Hannah is enjoying her home as her school
but there are many adjusments before it's all cool.
She found that soccer is a great place to develop her social skills
and youth group is not so scary, especially since her teachers are so real.

Clara deserves a medal for making it through this week.
She's played soccer six days and tonight a win they will seek.
Her team won two of their tournament games.
She's learning life lessons which are more important than fame.

To conclude our week David and Diane went out.
and enjoyed our dinner, then wanted to shout.
Our friends are having a baby...maybe it will be a boy.
The week ended full of joy!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Elijah's Quote of the Day!!!

Yesterday Elijah and I were driving home from work and we were driving past a new home being built. He looked over at it and said and I quote, "Boootefil" I was amazed that he knew such a big work and amazed at his skills of observation. His next statement was

"Dirt, I love dirt".

While I saw a massive house being built. He saw the yard which is a big large dirt pile and to him it was bootefil!!

What Hannah's Learned This Week!!

My favorite quote from Hannah this week happened during her school day. She was at the computer doing some research regarding the Pacific Islands. I was cleaning the kitchen. She kept ooohhing and aaahhing and saying "mom, come look at this". And, she was showing me gorgeous pictures from the pacific ocean...sunsets, clear blue water, etc. We were talking about the importance of learning and loving to learn. She said "Mom, I've learned something today." I'm thinking, YEAH!!! Then she shared what she has learned. This is what she said...

"Mom, I learned the Pacific Islands are calling my name!!!"

That's my girl!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Noah's Second Day of Kindergarten!!

This morning when Noah got up, he snuggled down into my lap and said the quote of the day. He said, "I'm NOT excited about Kindergarten anymore." It didn't take long for the reality to set in for Mr. Noah. He did however have a wonderful day talking about kissing hands. And, I don't think he was kissing any hands!! This is the poem he came home with yesterday with his handprint at the bottom.

It's my first day of school
And "The Kissing Hand" is what we read.
It's about a raccoon
who did just as his parents said.

Like the raccoon's first day at school
I was scared and a little shy.
But because of what you said
I was brave and I got by.

All through the year
I'll make more things for you
So as I change and as I learn
You can see my growth too.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Noah's First Day of Kindergarten!!

Noah had an excellent day at Kindergarten today. He woke up with a smile on his face, went to the bus stop with a smile on his face, and got off the bus with a smile on his face. And all this even though he really doesn't like to have his picture taken. He did have to pull his bee clip today for talking. (He takes after his mother.) Now, we are off to soccer practice. He should sleep well tonight!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Slatons Visit the Smiths!!!

We have amazing friends scattered all over the world!! We enjoy it so much when our friends are able to visit "Hotel Smith". Our recent guests, the Slatons, are dear friends from Ohio. During their visit what struck me the most is how quickly time really does pass. We vacationed with the Slatons and two other families a mere seven years ago in Gulf Shores, AL. Clara was two years old. She and Parker (the Slatons youngest son) were so little. I remember we would say "No laughing" and they would both just laugh and laugh and laugh.
On the last night of the Slaton's visit, Parker and Clara were walking together in the park just talking and talking. I wondered what they were talking about. And, I had a flashback and saw two little people laughing and laughing and playing together on the beach. And now, here they were a boy and a girl who haven't lived in the same city for almost five years and yet they were able to pick right back up and enjoy spending time with one another. Even though time passes quickly, friendships make the time rich indeed.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!!

Noah played his first season of T-ball and loved EVERY minute of it. To conclude their season his coach arranged for his team to run out with the players of the Memphis Redbirds. Noah ran to first base and stood with there during the National Anthem. Then, the player autographed his hat. Then, he ran hard as he could off the field. Here are some pics to share the evening with you. He had an absolute BLAST!!!