Saturday, August 07, 2010


What happened to the past three months? How in the world can it be three months since I posted on my blog. Really it feels like yesterday. The saying is "time flies when you are having fun". I must be having a blast.

School starts on Monday....we've actually been doing school around here for two weeks. Now that we are settling back into a routine, maybe I will start blogging again. Or, maybe not. The reality of having a high school student living in my home is slapping me in the face. A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!!!!

Forget the past three months passing quickly...the past decade and a half is a blur. I'm thankful for the friendships we've made. I'm thankful for these four wonderful kids who crack me up and drive me crazy. I'm thankful for my steady man whose living his dream. I'm thankful that God continues to teach me and grow me even when I am not sure whether I am coming or going!!