Monday, July 30, 2007

Painting Frenzy

The Smith's have been searching for the "right" paint color for our living room for several months. Recently when we went to stay with friends in Ohio I walked into their house thought to myself..."this is the paint color I've been looking for". So, upon our return from Ohio a bee flew in my bonnet and we began to paint, and paint, and paint. Thanks to our friends Michelle Watson (pictured with Clara) and Wade Hagen for helping us paint)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Walk in the Woods!!

Recently we visited our old stomping grounds, Dayton, Ohio. It was a nostalgic trip for our family. We spent wonderful moments with friends, ate fabulous food and visited some of our favorite spots. This picture was taken at Grant Nature Preserve. I love this picture!!! My family is walking down this beautiful path together. I've never done this before...but I'm asking for my readers to share your comments on this picture. When you look at this picture, what do you see? (Besides a group of people walking).