Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I was so pleased to see that my children took it upon themselves to make our bed. After all it was Saturday and I often forego making the bed because well it's Saturday. It was Heroes day on the Disney channel and my children asked if they could watch TV in our bedroom. "Sure", I said eager for a little peace and quiet.

When I checked on them, they were happily watching TV in my bedroom and coloring on my bed. I praised them and thanked them for making my bed. Really, it was one of those moments that warmed my soul. It made me feel so good to know that I had raised such thoughtful children who were willing to serve their parents.

Then, last night I went to bed!!

Let's just say my legs seemed to have suddenly grown longer as I tried to jam them into the bed. As I began to investigate I realized that my sweet, angelic children had gone and accomplished the classic camp prank. They short-sheeted our bed. They really did a good job!!! They fooled me 100%!!!

The lesson that I learned is to be suspicious of any unusual acts of kindness on the part of my children (I know it is jaded of me, but realistic). An investigation ensued. For those of you who know our family, I will give you one guess as to who the Culprit's a she and her name begins with "C".

Friday, March 27, 2009

Continued Saga

When I went to publish the previous entry about technical came up with an error. Would not, could not publish. After muttering a few choice words under my breath (niceties of course mom), I threw my hands up and walked away from the computer. We have been using a different browser and it was not compatible with our blog. Nor was it compatible with Facebook. I was completely out of touch with my cyberworld.

Techno hubby to the rescue!!! Whew, what would I do without him. Now I can blog. Now I can feed my Facebook addiction. Although I must admit that the new layout is too busy and too much stuff for me. I miss just being able to log on and quickly view the status updates of my friends!!!

All this is revealing something about myself that I do not like!!! I am not adapting to change well. I used to live for change. I used to thrive on change. I used to eat change for breakfast. Goodness, am I becoming old and set in my ways? We must change that!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Excuses, excuses!!

Okay so I am the most deliquent blogger out there. It seems that all has conspired against me. Really. Let me explain. The storage area for our pictures has changed, making it difficult to import edited pictures. It's probably easy to figure out how to use the updated program, but we have been a little busy around here.

And, we are currently using Clara's camera as a family camera. During the last snow day which was incredibly beautiful we pulled out her camera and realized the battery was dead. Simple problem to solve. Not for us. We could not find the charger for her battery. AAHHH. Yes, her battery charger does have a place it is supposed to's not there.

No big deal we think, we'll take pictures of the amazing nine inch snow with Hannah's camera. Guess what? We couldn't find the download cord for her camera. Double AAAHH!! Yes, the download cord does have a place it is supposed to's not there.

Blogging is a pleasure for me. I love to add the pictures. Because let's face it. This blog exists to provide my mother with pictures of her grandchildren!!! Without pictures I am lost...lost I tell you.

So there is my sob story. These minor inconveniences + the insane busyness of our schedule have come together to create the perfect storm that has shut down communication. I haven't had much to say...since I don't have pictures that go along with it (which reminds me of a story that I'll tell in another post....MAYBE!!)