Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We've Been Booed!!

Last night the Smith's were Boo'd!! Now, I personally never really wanted to be booed, but this time it was pretty fun.
Being boo'd is a version of Ding Dong Ditch. Your doorbell rings (or a hearty knock occurs) and you go to the door. When you open the door, there's no one there. Instead, a bag of goodies is on your porch. And, a note to put on your door saying "I've been boo'd. Then, you are supposed to boo someone else. (We are contemplating our plans...covertness might be a challenge on Halloween night).
The kids were pretty excited to be boo' happened twice!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It ain't over...

Somewhere I read where, for a commencement speach, Winston Churchhill once simply said something like "Never, never, never quit!!"

Here's a visual that illustrates that point...for your enjoyment...


Friday, October 26, 2007


Just watch it. (Credit to my friend Heidi's Facebook Account for this lil' treasure)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's been one of those weeks!!

You will thank me for the lack of pics with this post. Here's a summary of our week:

Friday - David becomes friendly with the toilet and stays in the bathroom most of the day.
Saturday - David is comatose most of the day. Diane and the kids spend the day at soccer field and neighborhood block party (grateful for the fresh air). It was a beautiful day!!
Sunday - David begins to stir, but stays in for fear of spreading the plague. Elijah stays home with him. Diane, Hannah, Noah and Clara go to church. To quote our Elementary Director "Clara melted during the hour at church". She came home and went straight to bed and ran a fever all day.
Late Sunday night after all the family (except David) was snug as a bug in a rug, David discovers that our cat Smokey has passed away.
Monday - Clara is home sick from school. Smokey is buried in the pouring down rain. Soccer games are cancelled due to rain.
Tuesday - Soccer game is cancelled due to the rain. We ALL went to open house at the school along with a million other people. Stomach rumblings begin in Diane's stomach and she goes to bed at 8:00. David decides to work in the garage for a bit. He discovers that our deep freezer breaker has tripped and EVERYTHING in said freezer is spoiled. He spends the evening cleaning in the pouring down rain.
Wednesday - Diane is now sick and discovers much to Hannah's chagrin that the teacher can still give assignments from the couch. The garbage man makes a big mistake and opens the trash can to see why it was so heavy. He might have thought there was a dead person inside.
Thursday - Diane is slowly starting to mend. Now we are drawing straws to see who has to change Elijah's diapers. Nasty is the best word to describe them. And again soccer games are cancelled due to the rain!!
What tomorrow will hold we do not know, but we thank God even for the sickness and smells. After all our digestive systems are cleaned out and so is our freezer. Of course the rest of the house looks like a cyclone hit it.
Oddly enough we haven't had alot of company this week...