Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love Summer!!!

We are in the throes of summer and I'm having a blast!!! There are many things I'm enjoying, but my favorite is the time that I have gleaned in the mornings. My children are still asleep!! I've been up for hours and admit I enjoy starting my day quietly. So, I will enjoy this for a few more weeks. Things I also enjoy about summer
  • no make-up
  • the pool
  • playing games with my kids
  • putting together puzzles with my 3 yr old
  • drinking coffee leisurely
  • picking peaches
  • nights in the cove with friends
  • cook-outs
  • staying up late
  • july flies
  • the beach
  • sprinklers
  • family together time
  • air conditioning (which we just had fixed..there goes our emergency fund)
  • kids going to camp and the excitement when they come home
  • fresh tomatoes, YUM

What do you enjoy about summer?


Beccy said...

I enjoy that summer is finally going to end (after a year in FL and a year in TX!) Amanda keeps me posted on you guys from time to time. Who knows, maybe someday I will get to visit and catch up with you guys again! If you are ever in Nebraska stop on by! :o)!

Unknown said...

Replace tomatoes with watermelon, take away the puzzles with 3 year olds and I'm with you on loving summer!