Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Moving!!

We're moving without moving!!!

At the beginning of the summer we began "Operation Sibling Slumber Swap" which is a fancy way of saying all of our children changed rooms.

Of course when we began we thought it would be done in a jiffy, but it is a project that has dragged on through the summer.

In the middle of Operations SSS we received from my grandmother a beautiful buffet to match the dining room table that she had given us a few years ago. Receiving this one little piece of furniture has led to every single piece of furniture in our living room, hearth room and dining room being moved to a new location.

This week our neighbors gave us a chair and ottoman. Here's the deal....in order to put the chair in our bedroom, we are going to have to rearrange our bedroom. Are you sensing a theme?

The bottom line is that EVERYTHING in our house has been rearranged!!! I really do feel like we have moved and right now everything is still a bit disheveled. Our goal is to complete our "MOVE" by the time school starts.

So, in order to motivate myself, I'm going to celebrate our victories and blessings. It is neat to see how God has provided for us and we are VERY thankful!!!

  • Moved all kids belonging to new rooms
  • Picked paint colors to match Clara's bedding (we received bedding and curtains free from neighbors)
  • Bought a rug for the boy's room from neighbors (cheap!!) with the planets on it.....The boy's room will be a space theme.
  • Chose headboards for the boys room (pictured). (1/3 of the cost of other beds we priced...we are more concerned with functionality than quality...after all THEY ARE BOYS!!)
  • Picked out and installed fans in the two of the kid's rooms.
  • Rearranged dining room (LOVE IT WITH BUFFET)!!! (FREE)
  • Cleaned out Hutch and are sending it off to live with another family.
  • Purchased and put together two new bookcases...combined with a bookcase and shelves we already to create wall unit look. (1/4 of the cost of most bookcases priced)
  • Put a rug in our living room changing it's look (FREE)
  • Found the floor in our bedroom :-) (FREE)
  • Added a chair to our bedroom...this is something I've really been wanting. Sometimes as "Mommy" I need to retreat. (FREE)
  • Painted the front door (I will say that we picked out what we thought was a chocolate brown and it turns out it looks purple). I will live with the Grape Door for a while though!!

I must give kuddos to my husband because let's be honest...most of this stuff he has done. Anything that says installed, put together, painted, rearranged is all him. He's worked hard this summer!!

Now, I must quick avoiding the inevitable and get to work!!!!

We'll post pics when we are all done!!!


Jennie said...

My eyes went VERY wide when I read the title of the post. Glad to hear it's just a room swap! Can't wait to see the new results sometime soon.

susan barber said...

Can you come rearrange my house please (on the same- cheap or free- budget?

Jana @sidetrackd said...

I'm with Jennie; I thought, "so that is why she said we needed to get together soon." :-) Can't wait to see all that you've done.